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Dining News: Sac Bacon Week 2015 Details Announced

Dining News: Sac Bacon Week 2015 Details Announced

The fourth incarnation of Sac Bacon Week will be held from January 19 to 25, ... Read More

Drexel University Sacramento’s Michael Marion Appointed to California Student Aid Commission

Drexel University Sacramento’s Michael Marion Appointed to California Student Aid Commission

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Michael Marion, Executive Director and Associate Vice Provost of Drexel University Sacramento, was recently appointed to the California Student Aid Commission, where he will support the mission to make higher education more accessible for California students.

Appointments to the Commission are made by California Governor Jerry Brown and the position requires State Senate confirmation. As a commissioner, Marion will represent private and secondary education schools. He’ll attend his first Commission meeting in November.

“It’s a huge honor to be considered by Governor Brown for this role and be able to join some of the outstanding individuals who are already serving as commissioners,” Marion said. “This is a great opportunity to give back to students to make sure they can access financial aid and have the opportunity to be successful in college.”

Found: Halloween Funtivities

Found: Halloween Funtivities

By Ashley Robinson Originally posted Oct. 18, 2012

Updates By Jamee Villa & Chantel Elder Oct. 15, 2014

October is the best month of the year. I mean, how amazing is it when it’s 100 degrees one day, and a crisp 76 the next? It’s like Mother Nature finally let out a deep breath and the world sprung to life with golden leaves and bright blue skies and white fluffy clouds and a soft breeze … and yes, I love October.

But what makes this month particularly important is the celebration of the year’s best holiday: Halloween. I am a fiend for it. I spend the entire month trying to find scary books, watching scary movies – even ones like “The Others” and “The Sixth Sense” in which the ending makes up the whole point of the movie – and going places that embrace the Halloween spirit.

Here are some of my local(ish) suggestions to get into the holiday spirit in the Sacramento area... Read More

'Strong Mayor' goes to Sacramento voters in November

Sacramento residents will be voting on Measure L on Nov. 4.

Last year, the Sacramento City Council voted 5 to 4 to put the Strong Mayor Initiative on the ballot.

Measure L would grant the mayor of Sacramento more authority when it comes to running city government. The "strong mayor" would be able to appoint a city manager, propose budgets and even over rule the city council on some decisions.

Sacramento City Council member Steve Hansen and Measure L Proponent Michelle Rhee debated the Strong Mayor Initiative Tuesday afternoon at an event hosted by the Sacramento Press Club. Below are some of the points they made at the debate:

School shooting threats taken seriously at Rio Americano High School

SACRAMENTO - Local law enforcement, Homeland Security, and the FBI are all on alert this week after Rio Americano High School employees discovered threats of a school shooting. The threats warned the violence could happen as early as Tuesday.

The school day passed without incident Tuesday.

Several parents of students said they were determined not to let the threat scare them, but law enforcement and the school beefed up security, just in case.

Many of the parents waiting to pick up their students after school took it all in stride when they learned about the threats made Friday.

"I didn't take it seriously. There's never been anything like that here at this school," Rio Americano parent Jamie Snyder said.





2014 WEEKLY CHALLENGE #41: BREAK(YOUR)FAST!Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.



Vietnam veteran dies following error at Sacramento VA hospital

ID=17645271SACRAMENTO - The Veterans Administration confirmed that a "do not resuscitate" armband was mistakenly placed on a patient who died following surgery Friday at the Sacramento VA Medical Center, but insisted the error was not fatal.

Family members identified the patient as Roland Mayo, 65, a Vietnam veteran and former Riverside County deputy sheriff and marshal.

"He was a great guy. He loved his kids. He loved his grandkids," said Niecy Mayo, who is married to Roland Mayo, Jr. "This came out of the blue."