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Local artists want a shot to display work at Kings new arena

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly outlined funding sources for the proposed sculpture project. The text below has been updated.

A proposed $8 million art project was not sitting well to Sacramento's art community. A sculpture designed by world reknowned artist, Jeff Koons could greet Kings fans as they arrive at the new arena. The city and the Kings would pay $5 million, while the three Kings' owners would cover the rest. However local artists say they should have had a shot to showcase their work.

"Now when it is our turn to get a piece of the pie, to get world attention, you are telling the world we are not good enough," said artist, Marco Fuoco.

Fuoco and dozens of other artists filled city council chambers to express their objections to the Koons piece.

Three-hour standoff in north Sacramento ends with arrest

A three-hour standoff Friday morning in north Sacramento ended peacefully after a suspect surrendered to police.

The suspect's name has not been released. Officers said he has an extensive criminal history that includes robberies, firearm possession and fleeing from police, and he was wanted on a felony warrant.

He was driving a vehicle when officers tried to make a traffic stop Friday at Marysville Boulevard and Alamos Avenue. The suspect got out and ran into a nearby home, where the standoff ensued, police said.

The suspect eventually surrendered without incident.

"Vampire Killer" mutilated animals before killing people

For longtime Sacramento residents, the name Richard Trenton Chase may ring a bell, although it's likely a name they would like to forget.

In the late 1970s, Chase, who was dubbed "The Vampire Killer", went on a killing spree in Sacramento that left six people dead. His nickname came from his practice of drinking the blood of his victims and cannibalizing their remains. Chase committed suicide in his prison cell in 1980.

Chase name resurfaced when Dr. Paul Mattiuzzi, a criminal forensic psychologist, heard of the recent spree of animal mutilations in Sacramento. Mattiuzzi spent a lot of time studying the Chase killings, and interviewed him in person before Chase died.

The Delta City Ramblers and Million Dollar Giveaway

The Delta City Ramblers and Million Dollar Giveaway
The Delta City Ramblers and Million Dollar Giveaway
03-06-2015 - 03-06-2015
Admission: $5 Ages 21+
(916) 443-8825
Start Time(s): 
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Body found near American River


Sacramento police were called in Thursday morning after a body with multiple gunshot wounds was discovered near the American River according to Sacramento police spokesperson Doug Morse and Sacramento officer Traci Trapani.

Police received the call around 10:24 a.m. in the 7900 block of La Riviera Drive. Morse said they had enough information gathered to initiate a call to homicide detectives.

Dr Seuss Party

Dr Seuss Party
Dr Seuss Party
03-06-2015 - 03-06-2015
Sacramento Public Library
Admission: Free
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