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Man charged with multi-county shooting back in court

Luis Bracamontes, who went on a multi-county shooting rampage last October, killing two sheriff's deputies and wounding two others, was back in court on Friday, along with his wife and alleged accomplice, Janelle Monroy.

Since he was taken into custody, Bracamontes has been animated and vocal.

Here's where you can stay cool during the extreme heat in Sacramento

Even if you were born and raised in California, triple-digit heat waves do not get easy.

We're here to help.

Here's a few places around the Sacramento area intended to keep you cool when temperatures get to the extreme.

Public Pools

North Area:



ShotSpotter helps police dsitinguish gunshots over other noises

Ever heard of a ShotSpotter?

It's being used by Sacramento Police Department and has already proven valuable in finding out where gunshots were fired. It's innovative audio technology that helps distinguish gunfire from bottle rockets, firecrackers and even car backfires.

Stockton police has been using ShotSpotter for over a year and a half. Sacramento police will be trying out the new technology over the next year in a three square mile area in north Sacramento.

Alerts from the ShotSpotter are immediately sent to dispatch centers, patrol cars and smartphones, showing where shots were fired within 25 feet.

We can see how many rounds go off nightly in that area and it's about two per night. Nobody should be in a community that has to tolerate that," according to Sam Somers, the Sacramento police chief,

TV show helps Sacramentans find 'Hidden Treasures'

In a fancy limo, Inside Edition rolled into downtown Sacramento Wednesday afternoon and parked at 11th and L streets. Inside the limo, "Hidden Treasures" segment hosts connected people to lost riches.

All people had to do is give the staff their names. Show runners then checked a state database to see if they have any unclaimed treasure – or money.

"We've been all over the country notifying people that they're owed a hidden treasure that they didn't know exists, and the looks on their faces is spectacular," Inside Edition Investigative Reporter Lisa Guerrero said.

People walking by the state Capitol curiously walked up and into the limo, hoping this may be their day.

Davis resident Lucas Tuttle said he didn't find anything in his name. But, "I found out my Dad has about $45 in unclaimed property. So, I'm going to make him go get that money," Tuttle said.

Top 5 water bottles to keep yourself hydrated

ID=30856711The heat continues to stick around in the Sacramento Valley, with temperatures ranging between 90 and 100 degree temperatures for the rest of the week.

And with the heat comes the sweat, and the growing chance that, without adequate amounts of liquids, your body will start to get dehydrated.

More homes for sale in Sacramento, Zillow reports

Bucking the national trend, Sacramento has more homes on the market this year than the city did last year.

Online real estate website Zillow tracked the number of homes on the market in the nation's 35 largest metro areas -- 19 cities saw a decrease in the number of homes listed for sale. Nationwide, the number of homes for sale fell 6.5 percent.

But in Sacramento, it's a different story. Zillow reports home inventory in the Sacramento area is up nearly 17 percent, compared to June of last year. More homes on the market means less competition for buyers.

Zillow also looked at the average home value in the country's top 35 metro areas. Their report shows the average Sacramento home value at just under $340,000 -- that is up nearly 6 percent from the same time last year.

More than 10,000 customers without power in Rosemont

SMUD reported that 10,800 customers without power in Rosemont area Wednesday evening.

At 4:43 p.m. SMUD reported that power was restored. SMUD said the outage was caused by a tree limb that fell on a line.