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2nd Street & Capitol Mall Connector

2nd Street & Capitol Mall Connector

Construction of a new entrance into Old Sacramento at Capitol Mall and 2nd Street and installation of wider sidewalks on the O Street Bridge over I-5 will begin in July.  Work is expected to be finished in fall of 2016, ahead of the opening of the Golden 1 Center. The Riverfront Reconnection Project includes construction of the 2nd Street and... Read More

Ways to get home safely on Fourth of July: Uber, Lyft, AAA

For many, the Fourth of July is a holiday to drink and celebrate America's independence, so be sure you have a way to get home safe.

California Highway Patrol is urging party-goers to have a plan, either through a designated driver or a ridesharing service such as Uber, Lyft or a taxi.

Uber and Lyft are also offering free riders to new users, using promo codes.

For first-time Lyft users, use the code SUMMEROFLYFT for $20 off your first ride.

First-time Uber users can use the promo code SACRIDE for $25 off your first ride.

If you don't want to leave your car somewhere, AAA is also offering their safe ride service. Tipsy tow runs from 6 p.m. Saturday night until 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

You can call AAA, even if you're not a member, and get a tow truck to take you and your car home, up to 10 miles.

Drive safely this weekend!

Water main break floods parts of Land Park


Some Land Park residents woke up to an odd site Friday morning: Parts of the area were flooded with water.

According to Sacramento City Utility Department, there was a backyard water main break in the 3600 block of Land Park Drive before 6 a.m.

Water was quickly shut down as crews worked to close the valves, but it took about four hours until the break was sealed and water was restored to the impacted homes.

Sacramento Moonwalk: In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson

Sacramento Moonwalk: In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson
Sacramento Moonwalk: In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson
07-04-2015 - 07-04-2015
BroadwayRudeBoy Enterprise
Admission: $14 Age 21+
(949) 540-8532
Start Time(s): Sat 9:30pm Doors 9pm
In loving memory and respect to the great Michael Jackson, BroadwayRudeBoy Enterprise bring you the Sacramento MoonWalk 
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Checking in with Chando

Checking in with Chando

It had been well over a year since I last saw Chando Madrigal. We had met in the early days of the gourmet truck movement here in Sacramento, at the time when we founded SactoMoFo. Chando was one of the first Sacramento trucks on the scene, close on the heels of Krushburger (then Miniburger) and Drewski's.

I was lucky in that my office building where I now work was hosting a luncheon for the tenants and they called in Chando's to cater it. I was happy to see that Chando himself arrived on site and we were able to take a few minutes to catch up... Read More

4th of July Freedom Flow with Stephanie

4th of July Freedom Flow with Stephanie
4th of July Freedom Flow with Stephanie
07-04-2015 - 07-04-2015
The Yoga Seed Collective
Admission: Donation based
(916) 978-1367
Start Time(s): Sat 11am-12:15pm
Join Stephanie in a flow class honoring freedom in movement; freedom from immobility; and freedom from of mental imprisonment
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